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Whether we knew it or not, we recently lived through something of a golden age of online retail and getting tobacco and ENDS products to consumers. That golden age is soon coming to an end with the recent changes to the PACT Act.

As a business owner affected by the PACT Act, you will need to take stock of what you are selling, to whom you are selling, and where. Our mission is to help sellers determine where their time and money are best spent, and to develop step-by-step strategies for tackling an ever-changing compliance landscape. The PACT Act changes are no different, and as always, those who invest early in process and compliance stand the best chance of not only surviving but thriving beyond Spring 2021.

What You Can Expect

  • Take a deep dive in to the requirements and what you need to do
  • Figure out compliance with the state taxation requirement(s)
  • Learn how to prepare your memo/invoice for proper reporting
  • Detail the in-person protocols for mailing via USPS

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